About Us

Our mission

BecoStay has been created to connect owners of eco-friendly homes and eco-travelers together. Our goal is to make sustainable rental bookings easier than ever!

Why BecoStay

We came across BecoStay idea when we faced difficulties to book sustainable homes with clear eco-criteria in the internet as it is very important for us to live and always travel in an eco-friendly way. We then decided to create a rental website where the environmental awareness is the core of the product, helping the guests to find the most suitable accommodations and the hosts to enhance the visibility of the ecological aspects of their home.

"There are obviously rental websites where it's possible to find eco-friendly homes. However, it's surprising to see nothing is done in order to facilitate the journey for the guests who wish to prioritize a greener stay for their trips. With no specific ecological criteria, they might end up spending hours dragging down the results or comparing different websites to find the perfect one. On the other hand we realized that not much was done to help owners to push and highlight how their place are respecting the environment. This is how BecoStay emerged. There was a real need of having a super friendly website meeting two key objectives: making sure the guests have the most exhaustive and refine catalogue for their stay and helping the hosts having the right visibility their sustainable home deserves."

Co-founder, Boris.

We show the example

At BecoStay, we take to heart to work on a contribution system where we will donate a % of the profits to different ecological projects in a medium/long term objective.

Start the journey with us and help us building this great community!

Your BecoStay team.